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  • 1.Why couldn’t I communicate with other team members?
    Firstly, please confirm that the channel frequency and the CTCSS/DCS you are using are the same as those of your team members. If the channel frequency and the CTCSS/DCS are the same, please verify that your team members are within the radio coverage.
  • 2.How to program my radio to communicate with others?

    Firstly, set your radio in the same frequency as others, Secondly, set the same CDCSS/CTCSS and band, and then you can talk with each other.


  • 3.What are the differences between long antenna and short? Which one is better?

    Short antenna has convenient-design, and easy to carry. Long antenna covers wider communication range. So the choice all depends on the environment and personal favorite


  • 4.How long is the communication distance of your radios

    The communicate distance would be disturbed by factors: environment/power/antenna etc
    (1) Environment: If you use it around high buildings and large mansions, the communication range is smaller.
    (2) Weather: If you use the radio in rainy day, the radio performance maybe poor.
    (3) Power: If the power of the radio is very low, you have a poor communicate distance.


  • 5.How to use the radio correctly while talking?

    Hold the radio in a vertical position and keep about 2-5 centimeters distance with the radio


  • 6.When the radio is dropped into water, what shall I do?

    Take the radio out of water as quick as possible and remove the battery as quick as possible. Swing the water out of radio and put the radio at the place where the ventilation is good so that the radio be dried quickly. At last but not least, return the radio to your Cignus authorized dealer or Cignus service center for maintenance as early as possible.


  • 7.Why does the radio communication distance become shorter than before?

    Please check the antenna and make sure it is good. Also please check the antenna socket is not loosened or damaged. If so, please return the radio to your Cignus authorized dealer or Cignus service center for maintenance.


  • 8.What is signaling?

    It is for controlling communications .It include 5TONE、2TONE、MDC、DTMF


  • 9.Please kindly explain what are 5TONE、2TONE、DTMF?

    5 TONE:A kind of signaling comprising 3 groups of signaling, each of which has five or more continuous audio signals. It can realize multiple functions such as Selective Call, Kill, Revive and etc.
    Dual Tone Multiple Frequency:  A type of signaling between telephone handsets and the switch in the telephone system, which is used to send the called number
    2 TONE: A signaling comprising 2 kinds of audio signals, it can realize multiple functions such as Selective Call, Group Call and etc.


  • 10.What is selective call

    Selective Call:A calling method that allows the calling party to select the specific called party.
    Group Call:A call initiated to a group of members.